Dr. Ayesha Khan

Ayesha has a strong background in business strategy, economic policy and international development. She has previously worked as the head of strategy at the largest bank in Pakistan, where she was responsible for aligning corporate focus, defining core capabilities and articulating a comprehensive plan to achieve long-term strategic goals. She has also worked in New York as a management consultant with McKinsey and Company, where she focused on the financial sector, and at the UNDP, where she was a consultant with the Millennium Development Project. Ayesha holds a doctorate from the Harvard Business School, where she focused on understanding how to build successful businesses in emerging markets. To that end, she has written various case studies and published several articles focused on emerging markets for different publications - including the Harvard Business Review. Ayesha also holds a Masters in International Development (MPA-ID) from the Harvard Kennedy School, as well as an undergraduate degree in Economics from Princeton University.