Vision & Mission


Guiding Principles

The Nasra Public School (NPS) was founded in 2004. Its innovative model transforms the ETNS model into a socially driven, profitable one, with a mission to provide quality education for the mid income to low income families. Four critical drivers poise NPS to become the largest low cost private school (LCPS) chain in Pakistan. These are:


Drawing from a 70 year legacy, NPS leverages ETNS’s experience and shared resources to deliver high quality services through a curriculum that balances learning together with cultural, physical, mental and moral development. This enables our schools to build a more progressive, inclusive and tolerant society.


The NPS campuses can be found inside densely populated areas where access to good quality schooling is rare. At NPS, children and teachers can get to the schools easily and the communities themselves become vested in the success of their local school.



Continuing the mission started decades ago, by Education Trust Nasra School, NPS strives to create and maintain a balance between the expectations of middle income households in terms of providing Quality of Education to their children and the plausible financial resources available to them.


NPS has spread to some of the most densely populated regions of Karachi with religiously diverse, multi lingual and multi ethnic communities. Here we cater to the deserving; the shop keepers, day laborers, mechanics, public transporters and low level office staff; people who work hard striving to improve their children’s lot in life, with few options available to do so. With a pro-female hiring policy we bring employment to local neighborhoods and ensure that our schools remain sustainable and give back to the communities we are located in. With approximately 280 employees spread over 14 campuses and growing; NPS currently reaches out to over 3000 students and continues to cater to Karachi’s growing 22 million population and beyond.

As Pakistan grows by another 100 million people by 2035 its need to educate its children will grow too. NPS commands a strong brand name, has the experience, and is set to prepare and position itself to become Pakistan’s #1 choice for low cost schooling.


Head Office: 13, Block-7/8, Modern Cooperative Housing Society, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi. 


Phone: + 92 (21) 3236 1313 



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