Who We Are

The Nasra Public School (NPS) was born in 2004 as a social enterprise with a mission to provide affordable quality education for K-12 to boys and girls from low-income families. It has been built on the legacy set down by the Education Trust Nasra Schools (ETNS) system, founded in 1949; using it as inspirational springboard to continue the same mission. NPS’s strength lies in its ability to leverage the experience, expertise, support and synergies necessary to rapidly scale up and take quality schooling to the communities where it matters.


Board Of Directors

Our Team

Diana Francis

Academic Coordinator

Haider Ali Fancy

Chief Strategy Planning & Development Officer

Syed Nayab Shah

General Manager Operations

Hasan Karim Pirani

Head of Finance & Company Secretary

Madiha Ahsan

Head Of Human Resources


In 2020


We recognize that perpetuity and scalability can only be ensured through financial sustainability. This is what sets NPS apart from rest of the pack. The social enterprise model ensures social impact on one hand and profitability on the other.
Join us in bringing rapid, meaningful and sustainable change to the lives of 1000s of more children from lower income homes through partnering with Acumen and NPS’ proven Social Business Model, so we can continue to increase our community outreach.

Build capacity

Financial support to help us open more schools to reach more children from low-income families.

Educate a child

Support us with matching tuition fee funds to subsidize the cost of education for students.